Specialty Cakes and Baked Goods

No shipping currently available.  Orders only for DC and surrounding area, pick up required.  Orders are placed when payment has been received.  Pre-payment required via pay pal.

Orders must be placed by email to recipebetatester@gmail.com


All orders must be at least 1 week in advance. 6″ cakes yield about 6-8 slices, 8″ cakes yield 12-16 slices.  Limit of 2 cakes per order.  For tiered cake (6″ on top of 8″), an extra $10 applied to combined cost of 2 cakes.

Apple Pie Layer Cake (based off recipe by Christina Tosi)
Also available in Rhubarb and Cherry
$35 for 6″ cake, $70 for 8″ cake


Banana Layer Cake (based off recipe by Christina Tosi) *minimum 10 days advance
$40 for 6″ cake, $75 for 8″ cake


Upside Down Banana Cake (based off recipe by Tom Colicchio)
$40 for 9″ square cake. Cake yields 16 individual portions.
Also available with Strawberries, Pineapple, Apples, or Pears.


Carrot Cake Cupcakes (based off recipe by Thomas Keller)
$35 for one dozen, $60 for two dozen, $80 for three dozen.  Orders only available by the dozen and limited to 3 dozen total.


Pistachio and Raspberry Lemon Curd Layer Cake (based off recipe by Christina Tosi)
$45 for 6″ cake, $80 for 8″ cake




All orders available by the dozen and limited up to 4 dozen per order total.  5 days advance notice required, one week advance notice appreciated.

Madelines: Lemon, Orange, Chocolate, and Almond flavors
$18 per dozen (one flavor per dozen)

photo 1

Mexican Wedding Cookies (walnut butter cookie balls!)
$14 per dozen


Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies
$15 per dozen


Shortbread Cookies
$12 per dozen



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