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Although I am a professional chef, my passion for food and cooking started much earlier. I was born and raised in the California bay area by a family who enjoyed well-prepared and flavorful family dinners every evening. These everyday meals cooked with love, care and enthusiasm which fueled my appreciation and affection for quality home cooking as well as the classic dinner party. These practices seem to have disappeared somewhat in recent years and I have endeavored to bring them back through my services as a chef for private dinners and small events.

My educational background includes a bachelor degree from Cornell University and an associates degree in the culinary arts from the Art Institute of Washington.  My industry experience began at my externship at minibar in 2013 and afterwards as a line cook at Marvin restaurant.  After almost 2 years, I decided to go into business for myself and start a recipe testing blog highlighting events to try out different recipes. Since then, I have re-envisioned and refocused my business toward the high end small scale events you see here advertised on the website.  My favorite food depends on the day of the week, but if I were to only take one thing to a desert island it would be phenomenal country white bread with truffle butter.

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